Monday, July 7, 2008


Okay, so I've been tagged again, this time by Tiffany Andrews. you go!

Attached or single? Single
Best friend? Hmmmmm....Good question. I'd probably have to say right now...Kristen Packard
Cake or pie? Pie
Day of choice? Friday. You have the whole weekend to look forward to!
Favorite color? Green
Gummy bears or worms? Um, both! (Have you seen me lately?) :)
Hometown? San Marcos, California
Ideal vacation? Touring Europe and visiting all the historical places/sites that I teach my students about!
January or July? July because it's summer time and I don't have to work! :)
Marriage date? Still waiting on that one.....
Number of siblings? 6
Oranges or apples? Apples
Phobias? Probably heights and certain spiders.
Quote? "Service is like wetting yourself. Everyone can see what you've done but only you can feel the warmth."
Reasons to smile? My family, my health, my friends, and the gospel!
Season of choice? Fall
Tag three people: Nikki Schroeder, David Bunjes, Ashley Veater
Unknown fact about me: I have a huge crush on Michelle Pfeiffer! :p
Vegetable? Broccoli
Worst habit? Forgetting people's names! You can't do that when you're a teacher!
X-ray or ultrasounds? Um...X-ray I guess....
Your favorite food? Mexican food
Zodiac sign? Pisces


Nikki said...

Brandon, everyone knows you have a crush on Michelle Pfiefer. Not a secret.

Ashley said...

I guess I'll really have to do this tag now, since two people have tagged me for it! You should comment on my blog more often too, I like your comments!!

Jessica said...

Brandon, I love your quote. I almost wet myself because I was laughing so much! I'll have to use that one sometime.