Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally finished!

Okay, so I never use this thing but I figured I'd update the very few of you who might actually read it. I'm finally done with my Master's degree in Education and teaching credential! It is so nice to be done and finally get to have my own classroom. Now, of course, the big question is where I'll end up working. I've been looking in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and of course, California (although California isn't hiring as much as these other states). Any suggestions on where you think I should go? I'll be applying for teaching postions over the next few weeks and hopefully be flying out for interviews this summer. Here's hoping I end up somewhere I'll be happy! :)


Ashley said...

Wow congratulations! Yes you HAVE to come to the Del Mar Fair with us on July 2'nd or July 4'th, we're going both days. :) And of course I think you should move to Washington. :) I'm so excited to see you soon! Do you want to go to Knotts Berry Farm with us too? I've never been there, so I decided it's about time to try out those rides. And we get to leave the kids with my parents, yay!

Rachel said...

Brandon you are awesome! Congratulations! I am rooting for Oregon and Washington... maybe AZ if it's Northern. Are you looking to teach at a University or just whatever job you can get your hands on? Good luck.