Saturday, April 19, 2008


Okay, so I've actually gotten some requests for pictures of the cruise my family and I went on in March so, here they are! I'm not the most photogenic person in the world but my siblings sure are. :) We had the greatest time! Now let's see if this works..... Here's the family on the first day. The ship hasn't left the harbor yet so we were just wandering around and eating. (Notice Tanner already has a bowl of ice cream)

The family saying "Bye" to sunny San Diego.

My little brother Kyle and I. Can't you just tell how much I love the sun? This is in Acapulco I believe.

My little brothers Tanner and Hunter going out on Sea-doos in Acapulco. They were a blast!

My siblings and our two neighbor girls (Their family went with us) posing again in Acapulco. Beautiful place!

The bannana boat! I can never go on those because I always think of Jaws the Revenge. :)

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